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31 Aug


Bottom picture has the script! I’d give my right kidney to own it.

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31 Aug





Shut up. I needed a kitten stealing a pancake on my blog.

Honestly, if you don’t need a kitten stealing a pancake on your blog, it had better be because you already have a kitten stealing a pancake on your blog.

Now I want pancakes

dennys should have pancake-stealing kittens in each location!

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30 Aug

I am a princess

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27 Aug

tellingsecretskeepinglies said: Are you guys planning to make any more replicas of wands/brooches/etc from Sailor Moon? I have the earrings and locket but would love reasonably priced wands or something along those lines. (i.e. less than Toei's proplicas)


Well, we haven’t done the whole proplica business before. It is very difficult for us to work out how to do it, but we’ve been figuring it out. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something in the future. We’ve definitely heard everyone’s requests for items like the Cosmic Heart brooch and the like. We’re working hard to bring as much stuff out as we can.

23 Aug

Ok I think I got the majority of the pretty screenshots out of the way. I took a lot and only uploaded some. :D Enjoy!

23 Aug

Close-up of the faces and poses!

23 Aug

Purdy is as purdy does! 

23 Aug

Serenity and Endymion or just Serenity falling. xD

23 Aug

It’s Miss V biatch! It seems she has a lot of good shots in the Moon Pride MV!

23 Aug

Hmm I didn’t take a lot of Jupiter screenshots. My bad. But she still looks awesome!